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Aluminum alloy cable hot in the end what can bring to the cable companies

Now, whether internal or national cable industry related sectors, are trumpeting Aluminum Alloy wires of various advantages, but why don't you calm down and think about it, this new cable products in the end brings is a blessing or a curse, the author thinks that the curse than blessing. Today's cable industry is extremely competitive, with a statistical industry profit margin of about 2.5-3%, the total production value of 1 trillion and 200 billion cable. On the contrary, aluminum alloy cable as a new product coming out, in the end how high the added value of technology. As one of the country's cable production base in Ningjin, the rise of aluminum alloy cable heat, the size of the enterprise competing on the production line. We began to think, if it is an enterprise can produce the product, the product and its significance. We can calculate, if Aluminum Alloy cable margins and copper cable margins equal, so the same number of kilometers production with the specifications of products of different materials (Cu: 50000/ T; 25000/t) Aluminum Alloy), we consider what is down? What's up. If a company's annual production of 10 billion yuan, which is replaced by aluminum alloy cable, then his total will become the same as on the contrary, because there is no value-added technology products will not increase the profit margin of. The benefits of the enterprise will become smaller, the management costs will become larger. The unemployment rate is high. This is what the author said the disaster is greater than the blessing, but also the reason why the domestic leading enterprises do not support the promotion of the root causes.

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